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SECUADO® Co-Pay Program

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Commercially insured patients with coverage may pay as little as $15 per prescription for up to 12 prescriptions

This offer is valid for commercially insured patients only. It is not valid for prescriptions covered by or submitted for reimbursement in whole or in part under any state or federal healthcare programs (such as Medicaid, Medicare, DOD, VA, or TRICARE) or any state medical pharmacy assistance program.

This offer is valid only for citizens or legal residents of the 50 US states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

Patients must have co-pay obligations for SECUADO. Patients with no co-pay obligations for SECUADO, or whose private commercial insurance has prohibited coupons or co-payment assistance for SECUADO, are not eligible.

Patients may pay as little as $15 per prescription for up to 12 prescriptions. Co-pay assistance is limited to a maximum amount of $1200 per month for the first 2 months of eligibility and $600 per month for the remainder of the Enrollment Period.

To enroll in the SECUADO Co-Pay Program, please complete this Patient Attestation

Enrollment in the Program is for a 365-day duration from the time eligibility is determined (“Enrollment Period”). Patients will be automatically re-enrolled in subsequent years after the initial enrollment period ends, as long as the eligibility requirements for participation in the Program are still met. This offer is valid for up to a total of 12 prescriptions and limited to one use per month.

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The SECUADO Co-Pay Program is intended for patients who have been prescribed SECUADO for an on-label use. If you self-enroll in the Program for purposes of co-pay assistance, you will not need a prescription to proceed. Participation in this Program must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.


Referrals to the SECUADO Co-Pay Program are received by phone and fax. While a patient attestation is required, attestation from the physician is not needed.

Program Management

The SECUADO Co-Pay Program is managed by ConnectiveRx on behalf of Noven Pharmaceuticals. ConnectiveRx will determine eligibility for the SECUADO Co-Pay Program.

Benefits Investigation

ConnectiveRx will conduct a pharmacy benefit investigation to determine the Insurance Plan Type (ie, Commercial, Medicaid, Medicare Part D, Tricare, etc) and to verify benefits to see if SECUADO is covered under patient’s pharmacy benefit. If Pharmacy Insurance Information is not found, ConnectiveRx will call to obtain the patient’s Pharmacy Insurance Information and will verify benefits to see if SECUADO is covered.

Document Retention

ConnectiveRx is required to retain Program-related documents for 6 years from the date of the documentation’s creation, or the date when it last was in effect, whichever is later. To the extent that other laws or client agreements require the records to be retained for a longer period, ConnectiveRx shall retain the records for the longer time frame.

Contact ConnectiveRx

If you have questions or need help with intake, benefits verification, or co-pay assistance, please contact our dedicated support team:

  • By telephone: 888-526-0132
  • By fax: 877-461-0907

Please call 800-455-8070 for all additional needs, including:

  • Questions or complaints that are not related to adverse events or product quality
  • To be connected to an Account Executive or a Program Coordinator