To minimize skin reactions1

  • Erythema, pruritus, papules, discomfort, pain, edema, or irritation may occur and skin irritation may increase if SECUADO® is applied for longer than instructed or if the same site is used repeatedly
  • Instruct patients to select a different application site each day

External heat: Tell patients to avoid direct external heat sources, such as heating pads, while wearing SECUADO®.

Tips for adhesion

The SECUADO® patch has been designed to adhere to skin for a full 24 hours. Patients should be instructed to1:
  • Change their application site every time they apply a new patch
  • Choose an application site that is clean, dry, and intact
  • Not apply the patch on skin that has cuts, scrapes, burns, rashes, redness, or other skin problems
  • Select an application site that is hairless or nearly hairless
  • If there is a lot of hair, use scissors to clip the hair as close to the skin as possible; they should not shave the application site
  • Not apply the patch on skin that has oils, lotions, or powders on it
  • Not apply the patch to areas of their skin where they wear tight clothing, such as waistbands, bras, or tank top straps
  • Avoid bathing or swimming while wearing the patch, but they may shower

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