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SECUADO®, the first and only FDA-approved transdermal system for adults with schizophrenia: IT’S ON

Why transdermal?

When your patients with schizophrenia are ready for a change of treatment, the transdermal patch offers you the opportunity to change the conversation with a different treatment option. The SECUADO® patch is an option for your patients who:

• Are looking for or need a different atypical antipsychotic treatment
• Want an alternative to swallowing pills or receiving injections
• Dislike food or drink restrictions when taking medicine
• Might be candidates for a once-daily treatment they can wear

Transdermal delivery is different

SECUADO® releases medication gradually, for consistent and sustained delivery over 24 hours.1,3 The transdermal route of administration avoids first-pass hepatic metabolism4-6 and has the potential to reduce GI tolerability concerns.4,5,7 Absorption is not impacted by the timing of food or drink.4,7

SECUADO® provided smooth onset, steady delivery, and low peak-to-trough ratios3

Asenapine pharmacokinetics at steady state is dose-proportional in the dose range of 3.8 mg/24 hours to 7.6 mg/24 hours following application of the patch.1 Steady-state plasma concentrations are achieved in about 72 hours after the first application of SECUADO.1

Avoid exposing SECUADO® to direct external heat sources during wear because both the rate and extent of absorption are increased.

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