Prescribing SECUADO 4

To minimize skin reactions1 Erythema, pruritus, papules, discomfort, pain, edema, or irritation may occur and skin irritation may increase if SECUADO® is applied for longer than instructed or if the same site is used repeatedly Instruct patients to select a different application site each day External heat: Tell patients to avoid direct external heat sources, […]

Prescribing SECUADO 3

Patient guidance: Applying the SECUADO® transdermal patch • Patients should choose 1 application site from the approved sites shown to apply 1 patch1• The patch may be applied to the right or left side1 • Patients should be instructed to apply SECUADO® to clean, dry, and intact skin at the selected application site1• For complete […]

Clinical Evidence 4

Established safety and tolerability: IT’S ON™ Commonly observed adverse reactions (incidence ≥5% and at least twice the rate of placebo) were extrapyramidal disorder, application site reaction, and weight gain1 SECUADO® had a discontinuation rate similar to placebo1 A total of 4.9% of patients treated with SECUADO 3.8 mg/24 hours, 7.8% of patients treated with SECUADO […]

Clinical Evidence 3

Other clinical data Sublingual asenapine • The efficacy of SECUADO® was established, in part, on data from trials with the sublingual formulation of asenapine1 Maintenance of efficacy with sublingual asenapine1 Maintenance of efficacy has been demonstrated in a placebo-controlled, double-blind, multicenter, flexible dose with sublingual asenapine (5 mg or 10 mg twice daily based on […]

Clinical Evidence 2

Significant reduction in PANSS total score at week 6 (n=607)1 Both doses of SECUADO® were also statistically superior to placebo for Clinical Global Impressions – Severity (CGI-S)1 An examination of population subgroups did not reveal any clear evidence of differential responsiveness on the basis of age, sex, and/or race1 The efficacy of SECUADO® was evaluated […]


Your patients and their caregivers may find these resources helpful. Click here Mental Health America (MHA) MHA is the nation’s leading community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and promoting the overall mental health of all Americans. 703-684-7722 National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)​ NAMI envisions a world where […]

Noven C.A.N. Support 1

Noven Care Access Network (Noven C.A.N.™) can help your patients access SECUADO® The Noven Care Access Network (Noven C.A.N.™) is ready to help you and your personal support partners. Areas where Noven C.A.N. can help include: • Understanding SECUADO® coverage• Investigating the prior authorization process• Connecting you to SECUADO® information resources NOVEN C.A.N. will also help your […]

Prescribing SECUADO 2

Empower your patients with treatment they can wear Patients should change the patch and application site every 24 hours.1


Reduction of symptoms with the SECUADO® patch compared to placebo (non-medicated patch) after 6 weeks PANSS total score improvement vs placebo How might SECUADO® help? In a medical study of more than 600 adults, SECUADO® helped people living with schizophrenia manage their symptoms. At the end of this 6-week study, the symptoms of people using […]

Prescribing SECUADO 1

Dosing flexibility: IT’S ON™ Three dosing strengths, one convenient delivery form1 Patients should be started and can be maintained on a 3.8 mg/24-hour patch1 Dosage may be increased to 5.7 mg/24 hours or 7.6 mg/24 hours, if needed, after 1 week1 No adjustments needed for1: • Gender• Race• Smoking status• Renal impairmentNo food or drink […]

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